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The Sky Jam Percussion workshop makes 2 types of Kalimbas:
Large (with cavity resonator) and small (solid).


Kalimbas are made of a high quality wood, sometimes from expensive wood species. We take into account the texture and pattern of the wood, for every detail, which ultimately gives a special beauty to the instrument.
To create the Fire and Black kalimbas, we use firing to create the desired color.
Kalimba is covered with stain and oil.
We use metal tongues.
All the materials used are environmentally friendly.


All patterns are made by hand, so each one is unique. Even when repeated, it always turns out a little different.
Your own pattern can be used upon request. Ask about this option.

Kalimba is truly a cosmic instrument that came to us from the African continent.
In its homeland, Kalimba has more than ten separate names. This indicates how popular it is among local peoples and tribes.
Kalimba accompanies many traditional African rituals.

Kalimba is also known well outside Africa - it perfectly complements musical compositions of various genres, especially those among folk music performers all over the world.

Сalimba construction

A row or several rows of wooden, bamboo or metal reed plates are placed on the resonator body (it can be of different shapes).
Thin reed plates are attached over the resonator. The size and shape of the reeds affect the tone, and the number of notes depends on the number of "keys".

The simplest units have a flat resonator, more complex ones have a cavity resonator. There are kalimbas made of turtle shell, a dugout tree, a pumpkin, etc.
The resonator board (front part of the kalimba) has from 4 to 30 reeds attached,
30-100 mm length and 3-5 mm width.


Calimbas with a cavity resonator create a unique low rumble, and solid calimbas resemble a music box with their fragile sound.
Calimbas have an amazing purity of sound, they resemble musical bells, but the melodies themselves are surprisingly rich and multifaceted.

Anyone can learn to play Kalimba. You can play with chords or just fingering the "reeds".
No additional devices are required to play the kalimba. The instrument is usually held in the hands or laid on the lap.

This "African hand piano" is suitable for both accompaniment and solo parts.
Kalimba is good for intuitive play, improvisation, and meditative pastime. And we love it for that.


Kalimba is easy to transport and store due to its portability, therefore it is easy to take along anytime and anywhere. It can become a good travel friend for you wherever you go.
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