Bar chimes

Bar chimes
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Barchimes is a percussion musical instrument, akin to traditional Asian wind chimes.

The instrument was introduced by the American drummer Mark Stevens, who gave it its original name mark tree, which is widespread in the West. We have a more common name bar chimes.


The instrument has the metal rods of various length, which produce sound when they touch each other.
A musician playing barchimes runs the bells with his hand or a metal stick, making them move and ring. Depending on the direction, ascending or descending sound is possible.
The rods of the instrument are not tuned to a classic western scale - pitch intervals between adjacent rods varies from a semitone to a tone and even more (in some cases).


Our barchimes are made of expensive wood species, which gives the instrument a unique beautiful look. Also, such sort of wood is a solid base to hold the rods.
We make stitches from aluminum and duralumin. Our workshop is always looking for more different metals and new sounds.

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