Bongo cajon

sky jam percussion
Bongo cajon is an original percussion instrument, a mix of two instruments: African bongo and Peruvian cajon.

Bongo cajon can produce sounds similar to African bongo drums, hence its name.

The original version was made of two interconnected boxes (mini-cajons). Now the partition divides bongo cajon into 2 different parts. This gives the bongo cajon surface the option to transmit both high and low tones (the sound of a snare drum and bass drum ).

The bongo cajon is rather interesting, and at the same time a simple instrument that can be played both as bongo drums and as a cajon. The sound of the instrument is very similar to the sound of African small bongos. You can use it in any genre from jazz to ethno.

We've been producing bongo cajons since 2019.

They are made exclusively from natural materials. Our bongo cajons have a small, solid body, covered with stain and oil.
sky jam percussion
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