His Majesty Cajon

The classic cajon is a simple wooden box, with a spring or strings inside (under the front side), which rattle when played. Traditionally, it is played by slapping the front or rear plates (generally thin plywood) with hands or some special tools - sticks, mallets, etc. Depending on the performance technique, you can produce sounds ranging from deep bass to high tones and high-pitched sonorous slaps.

Cajon is a percussion instrument, originally from Peru.

Cajon is an integral part of Cuban and Peruvian musical culture. The famous Spanish guitarist Paco De Lucia, brought the cajon to Spain, after visiting Peru, and introduced it to flamenco music. After that, the sound of the cajon, equipped with strings, became associated with the musical genre of flamenco.

Cajon is easy to play and feel the rhythm, simple to experiment in any music genre.

The classic cajon is one of the most popular percussion instruments today, which is easy to use.

The Sky Jam Percussion workshop produces 2 types of classic cajon - Standard and Travel.

Bongo cajons are also available.

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